A passion for crafting cocktails at home

Glossop’s makes your cocktail! We designed our line of syrups exclusively with cocktails in mind. Sure, some of our syrups taste great on ice cream, others taste great drizzled over fruit salad, and most of them are great for making a refreshing soda, but Glossop’s Syrup was born from a desire to make it easier to create craft cocktails at home.

Glossop’s can work for you whether you just want to throw some flavor into a glass of Vodka and soda, or get creative and make a Smoked Sugar Brandy Flip. Glossop’s is there to support and enhance your cocktail, not to mask the flavor of cheap vodka or drown your drinks in sugar.

Glossop’s was started in 2013 by cocktail enthusiast and native Angeleno, Michael Kaz. Michael has been making his own flavored syrups at home for years. It all started when he wanted to improve on his dad’s version of the family drink, the old fashioned. He found that making a Meyer lemon syrup packed much more lemon aroma into the cocktail than one piece of rind ever could. With friends constantly asking for syrup for their cocktails and sodas, and a stable of different flavors built up, Michael finally decided to bring his syrup to the public.

Glossop’s Syrup is made locally in Los Angeles from natural ingredients. Each bottle bears a signature cocktail recipe named for a piece of local geography…Carbon Beach, Sunset Junction, Lookout Mountain, and more.