If you want to make balanced, delicious cocktails that are consistent from one glass to the next and from one day to the next, you need to measure. A good jigger makes it a lot easier. They aren’t expensive, so it’s even a good idea to get a couple of them, so that you have one with 1oz and 2oz measurements and another with 3/4oz and 1.5oz measurements. The classic, bell-shaped jigger design has really never been improved upon in my opinion. I find that most of the novel jigger designs on the market are just gimmicks and tend to make a mess. Stick with the classic.


A good bar spoon is an essential tool for making a good cocktail. Yes, you can stir a drink with a teaspoon or whatever else you have lying around, but a bar spoon works better, with more ease, and helps you make a better cocktail. Because one of the key elements of a balanced cocktail is proper dilution, stirring is a very important step. The twisted grooves on a bar spoon help the handle rotate easily between you fingers so you can get a good steady rhythm going around the perimeter of a glass or mixing glass. This gives you control over how many stirs and ultimately, how much contact the drink has with the ice.


A shaker is essential to any bar. There are three kinds of shaker, the Boston shaker, the cobbler shaker and the French shaker. The Boston Shaker consists of a tall metal cup and a pint glass. I’m sure you’ve seen these used in bars. The glass is forced into the steel cup, creating a chamber that is essentially a double length pint glass. A cobbler shaker is the type more often seen in a home bar, and it is the type featured in the Glossop’s logo. Finally, a French shaker is similar to a cobbler shaker but without the strainer built in to the cap. I’m partial to the cobbler shaker. When shopping for a cobbler shaker, I recommend making sure you get a high quality one. Some of the lesser ones tend to get the various pieces stuck together when they’re cold.